Should You Buy a German Shepherd Puppy?

When it is time to add a new pet to your home, the breed is one of the most important factors to consider. Not all breeds of dogs are right for every person and you want to ensure that your personalities and qualities match to ensure a smooth pet ownership. The German shepherd puppy is one that many families choose to bring into their home. If you are interested in the GS puppy, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind before jumping into this decision.

Loyal Dog

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German shepherds are loyal animals but they are generally not friendly to strangers and maintain that loyalty for just one person. The animal is very suspicious when it meets strangers.

The Land Shark

The German shepherd is known as the Land Shark so make sure that you are aware of the potential aggressiveness this breed can bring to you.

Proper Training

You’ll likely need to schedule professional german shepherd puppy training miami fl if you decide to bring one of these breeds into your home. DIY training is possible of course, but many people find this breed to be more difficult to train than some of the others that are out there.

They Shed

All dogs shed, but some shed more than others. The German shepherd happens to be one of those dogs who sheds a lot of hair. If you own one of these dog breeds, expect to vacuum and mop up twice as much pet hair as you would with another breed.

A Social Dog

The GS breed is very busy especially when it is still a puppy. Expect to own an active dog when you bring home the German shepherd breed. They never stop and love to play and have fun. You can also expect the dog to follow you everywhere you go and take each step that you do!

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