Puppies So Cute You Wouldn’t Even Know They’re Real

You see, the problem has always been this. Once those little puppies have come of age and grown up, the novelty wears off. Young children no longer take an active interest in the dogs, even less inclined to be responsible for the canines’ necessary care and upkeep. This sad reality could be due to two unavoidable aspects. One has to do with the fickleness of human nature. And the other has to do with the inevitability of growing up, no matter whether you are a child, dog or cat. As best as possible, this short article attempts to motivate its readers in the correct direction. It is hoped that the guidance counseling will have been rewarding and pays off later on.

akc schnauzer puppies

The thing about growing up is this. Whether you are a child, dog or cat, by the time you grow up and lose all of your baby fat, a lot of the inherent cuteness is lost. This inevitability is in general. But there are exceptional instances where people and animals continue to retain their physical and emotional attractiveness for the benefit of the other. This is all to do with an exceptional set of genes and hereditary characteristics. And in the case of dogs, it has everything to do with the species. But the remarkable thing here is that human intervention has tampered with canine species’ gene pools if you will.

And in that sense, it is possible to willfully create and obtain a remarkable breed that remains so small and cute and cuddly, so cute, you would not even know they are real, pretty much throughout their life. The litters of akc schnauzer puppies could very well be a case in point. Reaching adult age, and they’re still so small and cute!

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