Things About Your Pet’s Health You May Not Have Known About

You love your dog or cat so much; you could almost swear that you were – in love – with the animal. Just what would the neighbors think about that. But no matter, at least you care very deeply for your animal, you would move heaven and earth to keep it happy, healthy and well. But sometimes your well-meaning pampering goes awry and you have to rush the distressed animal to the people’s dispensary for sick animals, or the pet health mckean pa clinic.

There are things about the animal that a pet owner can so easily forget about, or would not even be entirely aware of. Hmm, perhaps you do not love your cat or dog as previously thought. Because if you really did, perhaps you would have known about these things already and acted accordingly. A good dog must have at least one walk a day. Both dog and cat would be extremely delighted if you could groom it.

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And did you know that warm, organically prepared and cooked food for both the dog and cat is so much healthier than any five kilo bag of dry pellets that even an uncaring vet could have recommended. Yes, if the vet really did care, he would not be promoting pellets and would be encouraging you to cook your pet’s own food. Ideally, dogs should get out and about for at least three walks a day.

A trip to the pet parlor every other week also takes care of the pet’s hygiene, even if the cat is well known to take good care of its own toilet. Warm, cooked food contains all the essential elements of a good balance of proteins, minerals and vitamins always present in organic meat and vegetables.